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Facebook bug exposes 7 million FB User photos to hackers

Facebook, the world’s number one social media platform has disclosed in this weekend that a bug in one of its photo databases has exposed 7 million photos of FB users to the outside world-possible to hackers. Thus, with the latest data exposure, Facebook seems to have controversially broken down again for the 3rd time this […]

British Watchdog to slap £1.25 Billion penalty on Facebook for recent Cyber Attack

Last weekend turned into a nightmare for Facebook users as their favorite social media platform officially disclosed that a cyber attack on its database could have leaked sensitive info of over 50 million users to hackers. As the investigation is still going on, the exact number of compromised accounts remains unclear and might be revealed […]

Over 50 million account info leaked in Facebook Cyber Attack

Facebook shared a blog post today which says that it’s “View As” feature had the potential to allow hackers to take over Facebook accounts. And the flaw could have compromised information of more than 50 million accounts info to hackers. The social media giant has however declared that the discovered flaw was fixed and its […]

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