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Russian Intelligence behind Winter Olympic Games Cyber Attack!

PeyongChang Games which are being held in South Korea’s PeyongChang Olympic Stadium witnessed a minute disruption yesterday when some hackers tried to disrupt the official website of the Winter Olympic Games. The organizers of the Olympics sporting event say that attack could be the work of Russian Intelligence in retaliation to the ban imposed on […]

Vladimir Putin led Russian Military was behind NotPetya Ransomware attack!

The year 2017 witnessed two variants of Ransomware attacks on private and public entities operating across the world. First, it was the much talked WannaCry Ransomware which disrupted almost 300,000 computers working across 150 countries in May’17. And the second was NotPetya ransomware attack which struck mostly the businesses operating in Ukraine and Europe in […]

Theresa May accuses Russia for conducting Cyber Espionage

For the first time, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has accused Russia for conducting Cyber Espionage on western nations and meddling with their elections. The Prime Minister of Britain added in her statement that Vladimir Putin should also stop planting fake stories in order to sow discord in the west.  Speaking at the Lord Mayor’s […]

Obama administration response to Russian Cyber Attack on US Elections 2016

All these days several media resources were seen accusing Trump administration of being silent on Russia’s election interference through cyber attacks. But did anyone think on what the former US President Barack Obama was doing at the time when the conspiracy to push the election results in favor of a specific US Presidential candidate was […]

Russian President puts ‘Patriotism’ Behind Cyber Attacks

Finally, the Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin admitted that the Patriotic Russians might have influenced the US Polls 2016 on their own initiative through cyber attacks. He, however, clarified that neither he nor his government has an influential hand behind the US 2016 Elections. Reacting to a query put forward at a media briefing, the […]

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