FDA to recall 745,000 pacemakers vulnerable to Cyber Attack

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of United States has issued an alert this week for a voluntary recall of approximately 745,000 pacemakers made by St Jude Medical, now owned by US Manufacturer Abbott. And as per the data available with the FDA, more than 465,000 of the pacemakers are implanted in US patients and […]

Broadcom WiFi chips are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Smartphones working around the world with a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip are vulnerable to cyber attacks say, experts. It is estimated that more than 1 billion Android and iOS smart phones are at risk due to the said vulnerability. But experts say that the Broadcom has already initiated steps to patch the vulnerability, thus averting a […]

Foscam USA issues a cyber security alert to all its users

Chinese company Foscam has warned all its remote controlled CCTV camera users about a flaw which when exploited by hackers can pave the way to cyber espionage. In an email notice sent by Foscam USA, a subsidiary of Foscam Intelligent Technology Co. LTD, the company specified that 12 models of its cameras contain security flaws […]

14 reasons why agent-based scanning is better than appliance-based vulnerability scanning

This post was originally published here by cliff turner. Constant security scans can be headache, and finding the best tool for the job can be even more of a nightmare. There’s plenty of conflicting information circulating about what will be best for your business. Should you get an agent-based scanning tool, or rely on appliance-based […]

Cisco patches Wikileaks revealed security vulnerability

Wikileaks which exposed CIA documents referred to as “Vault 7” in March this year is glad to know that networking giant Cisco has patched a critical flaw in its IOS software that exposed more than 300 models of routers and switches to cyber attacks. Julian Assange, the head of Wikileaks made a media briefing yesterday […]

Google cannot fix Android Marshmallow and Nougat malware flaws till August’17

Google has made an official announcement today that it is aware of the malware flaws existing on the phones driven by Android Marshmallow and Nougat operating systems and will try its best to fix the flaw by August’17. Means users using the said Android versions – Nougat and Marshmallow are on the verge of being […]

Japan to certify IoT devices based on their Cyber Attack Vulnerabilities

All these years, we witnessed electronic manufacturers offering appliances marked with energy consumption ratings. But Japan which is considered as an electronics hub to the whole world will soon be coming up with a new trend to certify ‘Internet of Things’ with a security certification. Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry plans to introduce a […]

Serious Heartbleed vulnerability exposes Indian Power Plants to hackers!

Power Plants across India have been put on high alert against a Heartbleed bug having the capability to disrupt the functioning of the critical infrastructure of the energy departments in a big way. The National Security Council of India after receiving a tip-off from Intelligence agencies has issued a warning to the energy departments (both […]

Research says Robots are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

According to the researchers of IOActive, robotic devices which are flooding the IoT market are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. In an introductory paper “Hacking Robots before Skynet”, researchers confirmed that connected robotic devices are facing cybersecurity risks such as authentication and privacy. With regards to the rapid proliferation of robotic devices, the researchers are […]

WordPress vulnerability – Privilege Escalation and Content Injection

This post was originally published here by emily gladstone cole. On Thursday January 26th, 2017 the WordPress support team released WordPress 4.7.2.  On Wednesday February 1st, 2017 they disclosed an additional vulnerability within the REST API of WordPress that had been fixed with the 4.7.2 release. The vulnerability we are concerned with is a Privilege Escalation and Content […]

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