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Cyber Attack news for the day

Bristol Airport has issued an official statement a few hours ago saying that a cyber attack caused the information screens to go out of service on both Friday and Saturday. As a result of this glitch, the airport witnessed a meltdown for 3 full days making holidaymakers read their flight departure times off whiteboards spread […]

Weekend Cyber Security News

Google has decided not to allow the use of Artificial Intelligence software in weapons and in surveillance efforts taken up by the government. Thus, with the latest declaration, the internet juggernaut has put an end to the months of protest put forward by their employees against the Company’s work with the US Military on Project […]

PopCorn Time ransomware is on the rise says report

A recently published report in New York Times claims that popcorn time ransomware which is a kind of Ponzi scheme based cyber attack is on the rise at an alarming rate this year. Technically speaking, the said new Ransomware is a kind of pyramid style cyber attack where people trap each other to get out […]

Microsoft not to entertain lawsuits on Wannacry related Cyber Attack

On Friday last week, the entire digital world came to a standstill when media reports emerged that hackers have succeeded in infecting around 200,000 computer systems with ransomware in more than 150 countries. Reports now confirm that a hacking group called Lazarus from North Korea launched the said cyber attack by tapping in the vulnerabilities […]

A synopsis of WannaCry ransomware attack launched on 150 countries

By now, almost the whole world is aware of the fact that hackers launched a ransomware attack last weekend targeting organizations in more than 150 countries. Though not much is known about the group which indulged in this activity, security experts confirmed that the attack was launched using the espionage tools developed by United States […]

Hackers launch Ransomware attack on more than 100 countries

A major cyber attack crippling thousands of computers and networks was launched by a group of hackers from North Korea. It is said to be a coordinated cyber attack and has so far hit companies operating in more than 100 countries. The attack was a ‘Wannacry’ ransomware attack which tricked victims into opening malicious malware […]

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