Western Digital

Western Digital shuts systems due to Cyber Attack

A cyber attack launched and identified on March 26th of this year has triggered the incident response teams of Western Digital (WD) to take appropriate steps to mitigate the cyber risks of the incident. And the data storage company admitted that its firm’s IT infrastructure might feel the repercussions related to the incident in the […]

WD SSD uses Mobile Security feature to unlock

Western Digital, which is into the manufacturing of data storage products, has introduced a new SSD card to the world that will use mobile biometrics to get unlocked. That’s to ensure that the data stored on the Solid State Drives(SSD) safe and secure from prying eyes in the event of theft or accidental loss. Western […]

Western Digital offers a fix to its MyCloud NAS Flaw!

American Computer Data Storage Company Western Digital (WD) has rolled out a fix to a security flaw found in its popular ‘MyCloud’ Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. Thus, the software update allows the Western Digital NAS device users stop the hackers from exploiting a backdoor that can allow them to upload any file to the […]

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