Windows 10 Mobile

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To those entire using Windows 10 mobile here’s an update that needs your immediate attention. As Microsoft has failed to bring the whole world onto its Windows 10 Mobile platform, it has decided to end its support to those using windows 10 OS loaded mobile from early next year. So, for all of them, Microsoft […]

Mobile Security for Microsoft Windows Phone users’ ends so what’s next

All Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone users are hereby informed that the support for their devices will end from December 10 this year and they will no longer receive any updated or assistance at all from Microsoft from then on. Readers of this article have to notify a fact over here that the tech giant […]

Mobile Security goes for a toss on Windows 10 Mobile Phones

Windows 10 Operating system based mobile phones are having a serious security flaw. And although the flaw seems small; it could turn into a major disaster if ignored. The problem starts with the ‘Pin Set Up’ in the settings app for Windows 10 Mobile Sign-in. A user can easily remove the pin from the device […]

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