Windows 11

Windows 11 new update bolsters cybersecurity of healthcare

Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest operating system, has recently introduced an update aimed at enhancing the protection of healthcare IT environments and safeguarding patient data from evolving cyber threats. While contemporary firewalls, anti-malware tools, and threat monitoring solutions are adept at managing security challenges in the online realm, the constant evolution of threats demands continual innovation. […]

Cyber threat with iPhone Phone Link feature on Windows 11 laptops

Attention Windows 11 users who rely on their PCs to respond to messages and phone calls from their iPhones, an important cybersecurity alert requires your immediate attention. Recently, Apple Inc, the renowned technology giant, introduced a feature called Phone Link, enabling iPhone users to sync their messages and calls with their Windows 11 laptops, allowing […]

Windows 11 gets a VPN Status Indicator

Windows 11 is all set to get a VPN Status Indicator in its system tray, allowing users to connect or download files anonymously and without the revelation of their home or IP address. Therefore, all those using VPN services to browse websites, stream movies and download files can look at their network and proceed only […]

Microsoft induces several security features into Windows 11

Microsoft (MS) has released an update into Windows 11, which updates and upgrades the current security features to a new level. This includes enhancements to application controls, protection shield to vulnerable drivers, identity theft protection and a simple way to manage all passwords. The American tech giant disclosed that the new security induction into its […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

If you thought Windows 11 operating system machines were safe from Ransomware, then you better think twice before concluding. As information is out that those spreading Magniber Ransomware are after Windows 11 Machines and have targeted around a hundred by now. According to a research conducted by 360 Total Security, Magniber ransomware attacks have increased […]

Microsoft Windows 11 will have more protection against cyber threats

All those who are about to purchase a Windows 11 loaded PC; here’s a news piece to rejoice. Microsoft has issued an official statement that Win 11 machines will get more security improvements in upcoming releases, adding more protection to existing cyber threats, better encryption and will auto-block malicious apps and drivers from being downloaded […]

Two serious vulnerabilities detected on Windows 10 and Windows 11 Operating Systems

Microsoft has issued a warning to its Windows 10 and Windows 11 users against two serious zero day vulnerabilities that have to be fixed yet. It is regarding an OS feature called Microsoft Installer aka MSI that is exhibiting repairing or updating issues with anti-malware apps after the installation of KB5007215 update. Currently, the Satya […]

Beware of this Windows 11 fake Download

Microsoft has made an official announcement last week that it will present its Windows 11 operating system to the world on by November this year and also made it public that all laptops that have compatible hardware and software components will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10. That means, […]

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