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What will happen to Windows 7 support after January 15, 2020

Microsoft has already issued a warning that after early January 2020 all its Windows 7 PC will lose support from its company and might become super vulnerable to cyber attacks such as malware infections like Ransomware and such.   In layman terms, the tech giant has given clear instruction that it will no longer provide […]

Cybersecurity News trending on Google

1) According to a survey, Small and Medium Scale Businesses (SMBs) in the UK are being subjected to over 10,000 cyberattacks per day which could cost them £4.5 billion on an annual note. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) survey which included SMBs from Scotland says that over 1 million businesses operating across the UK […]

Cloud IT Company ‘Evaporate’ issues cyber threat warning for Windows users

England based cloud and IT company Evaporate has issued a serious cyber threat warning to companies using obsolete Windows Systems. The Swindon based tech firm says that cybercriminals are waiting for the big day when Microsoft announces the end of support to some of its operating systems after which they become super- vulnerable to hackers. […]

Windows 7 users should be aware of these Cyber Security vulnerabilities

All you Windows 7 users out there, its better you make a note of the following cybersecurity vulnerabilities to which your system will get exposed after December’ 19. 1.) Obsolete systems which do not receive security updates from their developers( Microsoft in this case) can easily be used to spread malware. 2.) Unless you go […]

Cyber Attack news for the day

1.) To all those who are still using Windows 7 operating system loaded PCs and Laptops, here’s a piece of bad news. Microsoft has announced that it is going to end support to its popular operating system from news January and so PCs which run on the said obsolete OS will become vulnerable to cyber […]

Windows XP users get free Wannakey tool to help erase Wannacry ransomware

All those users using Microsoft Windows XP systems with infected Wannacry ransomware can now breathe a sigh of relief. Reason, a new tool capable of decrypting the Wanna cry Virus encrypted files is now available as an open source. However, the new tool figured out by French security researcher Adrien Guinet comes with a caveat. […]

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