How to save your WordPress website from Cyber Attacks with Plugins

If you are thinking to save your WordPress websites from Cyberattacks such as Brute Force Logins and Spam then you need to use the...

WordPress and Joomla websites serving ransomware

Research conducted by Cloud-based Information security company Zscaler says that websites which are built on Wordpress and Joomla backgrounds are now reportedly acting as...

Ransomware news on LG Service Centers and WordPress sites!

Early this week, hackers targeted LG service center at Seoul with ransomware leading to the lock down of the database with a malicious code....

WordPress vulnerability – Privilege Escalation and Content Injection

This post was originally published here by emily gladstone cole.On Thursday January 26th, 2017 the WordPress support team released WordPress 4.7.2.  On Wednesday February 1st,...
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