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Russia, China, and Iran’s Cyber Attacks could initiate World War 3

“There is a chance of war and it could be a “World War 3” says Nick Carter, the Chief of Defense of UK.   Carter who disclosed his mind to The Sunday Telegraph’s newspaper column on the occasion of Remembrance Day said that the cyber activities of Russia, Iran, and China could anytime trigger a […]

Canada Populace does not take Cyber Threats seriously

As data privacy concerns grow among online users, Canada’s former National security advisor disclosed that the population of Canada never takes cyber threats on a serious note. Speaking at the Urban Security and Resilience Conference in Toronto, Richard Fadden the former security advisor stated that every individual, organization and government entity is under threat from […]

Cyber Attack expert issues World War 3 Warning of Aeroplane Crash and Water Poisoning

Merle Maigre, the Director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence and an expert in analyzing Cyber Attacks has warned that the United States should be well prepared for shock cyber attacks from foes like Russia that could hack critical infrastructure and can cause plane crashes and water poisoning by contaminating water utilities. […]

New Technology of Nuclear Weapons makes them vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

UK based Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House has warned that nuclear weapons reliant on new technology are extremely vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. In a report released yesterday by the London based International Affairs Think Tank, it clearly mentions about the cyber threats faced by the world’s deadliest weapons. The report […]

US Military to send Cyber Warriors to Battle Field to launch Cyber Attacks

US Military has decided to send Cyber Warriors to the battlefield if in case a war like the situation or something like World War 3 erupts in near future. Colonel Robert Ryan, who commands a Hawaii based combat team has admitted the role of cyber soldiers to play a crucial role in the next war. […]

North Korea, China, and Russia to launch Hyper War says NATO

NATO, the Inter-Governmental Military Alliance has predicted that the world is on the verge of witnessing World War 3 in the form of a ‘Hyper War’- a cyber war triggered by Artificial Intelligence. The Belgium based organization also went ahead and named North Korea, China, and Russia as nations working on this objective. General Petr […]

North Korea to cause Collateral Damage to the UK with Cyber Attacks

North Korea is all set to cause Collateral Damage to UK through Cyber Attacks and this was predicted by Robert Hannigan, the Ex-Director of the Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Mr. Hannigan said that the WannaCry attack experienced by NHS in May this year was just the beginning of Despot leader Kim Jong UN’s Cyber […]

NATO to enrich its Cyber Threat Defenses!

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization shortly known as NATO is all set to enrich its Cyber Threat Defense capabilities pretty shortly. And as per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the inter governmental military alliance of 29 independent member countries working across North America and Europe is all set to create a new Cyber […]

North Korea launches Cyber Attack to steal South Korea’s War Plans

A group of state-funded hackers from North Korea are reported to have hacked a South Korea’s military database last September to gain access to 235 GB of sensitive data, including war plans. The leaked data includes ‘Operational Plan 5015’ which is considered as classified info to be used in case a world war three takes […]

World War 3 or Cyber Attack on North Korea..?

As tensions between Us President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea intensify many national leaders are expecting a world war like situation in coming days. But security experts suggest that the situation can be brought under control with a few clicks of a button, instead of the conventional war methods like a […]

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