Zeppelin Ransomware

Zeppelin Ransomware alert issued by FBI

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a high alert about a ransomware group named Zeppelin that has been targeted by big corporations operating in US and Europe. News is out that the ransom demand put forward by those involved in Zeppelin spread is huge and is touching double-digit figures of thousands and sometimes […]

Zeppelin ransomware now starts stealing data instead of encrypting files

News is out that various developers of ransomware strains are now considering to launch cyber attack campaigns which steal data instead of encrypting files until a ransom is paid. They say that data steal works more than just encrypting files, as the threat actors have the option to sell data on the dark web if […]

Russian origin Zeppelin Ransomware hits Europe and US

Ransomware named Zeppelin is reported to be hitting healthcare and technology companies across United States, Canada, and Europe and security analysts from BlackBerry Cylance feel that the new form of ransomware is highly customizable and supposedly believed to be developed by hackers from Russia. Zeppelin is believed to be a variant developed from the network […]

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