Zoom upgrades its Cybersecurity features to block Zoombombers

Video Conferencing App Zoom has introduced two new security features that allow the host to block unwanted guests (Zoom Bombers) in conference calls and alert them when a meeting is going to be hacked.   Zoom seems to have taken security seriously as soon as its app got hacked in May this year during the […]

Zoom app denies end to end encryption to free users

Video Conferencing app ‘Zoom’ has made it official that it will not offer end-to-end encryption to its free users as offering ciphered communication will hinder its cooperation with the police. However, all paid users are offered an advantage of encrypted communication as per the press update released by Eric Yuan, the company CEO.   Genie […]

Zoom acquires Keybase to bolster its Cybersecurity

From the past few weeks, Video Conferencing app Zoom is hitting the news headlines for all wrong reasons such as its app is filled with flaws which can allow hackers to Zoom bomb or Zoom invade a video call initiated by an individual or company causing disruption or eavesdropping.   So, as a part of […]

Reasons why Zoom App is being banned by governments across the world

As more and more corporate companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are banning the usage of Zoom App in their work environments, followed by governments across the world – here are 14 reasons which are making Zoom video calling app unsafe-  1.) There is a high probability of information leak while in a video call […]

Over 500,000 Zoom App user credentials available on the dark web

Zoom App has been in news from the past two weeks for having security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Now, the news is out that some hacking group/s have already exploited the flaws and have stolen over 500,000 user credentials only to sell them on the dark web for a penny each.   […]

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