Telefonica acquires Cybersecurity company iHackLabs through ElevenPaths

Spain-based Telefonica company has made it official that it is going to acquire iHackLabs that specializes in Cybersecurity training via ElevenPaths.

Technically, iHacksLabs is a business firm that trains, specializes, certifies and validates expertise among security professionals and offers everything under cloud based SaaS model.

The highlight of iHacksLabs is that it has a team of white hat hackers known as Red and Blue Teams who simulate cyber attacks on organizations and then test their defensive skills against the latest threats prevailing in the current cyber landscape. This London based company also specializes in offering a simulator filled with Denial of service attacks and ransomware related issues- useful for pen-testing units.

Cyber startup ElevenPaths, the Cybersecurity unit of Telefonica, offers space for a safe digital world by helping consumers the ability to digitally transform themselves in a safe and secure way.

NOTE 1- Telefonica is headquartered in Madrid, Spain and is touted as the third largest mobile services providers in the world. Mobile Telephony, broadband, TV subscription and Landline services are offered by the said operator across Europe and in some parts of America.

NOTE 2- In May 2017, Telefonica’s computer system was targeted by WannaCry Ransomware attack launched by North Korea and asserted by United Kingdom, United States and Australia in December 2017. WannaCry is file encrypting malware that targets computer systems running on Microsoft Windows Operating System and locks down data access until a ransom is paid in Bitcoins currency.

Naveen Goud
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