Telenor establishes Telenor Cyberdefense

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Telenor, the renowned Norwegian telecom giant, has launched Telenor Cyberdefense, marking its entry into the cybersecurity sector. This strategic move comes in response to the alarming findings of the 2023 Norstat survey, which revealed that one in five business leaders expects to face cyber incidents in the near future. These leaders are increasingly seeking robust solutions that not only proactively mitigate risks but also instill trust by safeguarding their valuable data and applications.

Telenor Cyberdefense joins the prestigious Telenor Amp portfolio, encompassing approximately 15 companies valued at over 10 billion Norwegian Krone. It features advanced capabilities such as a Security Operations Center (SOC) that provides round-the-clock threat monitoring and detection. Additionally, the consultancy services offered aim to share knowledge and identify IT system anomalies, ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for clients.

With businesses rapidly embracing digitalization, the demand for secure data and IT infrastructure is poised to escalate exponentially. Telenor Group aims to capitalize on this burgeoning market with Telenor Cyberdefense, projected to cater to around 170,000 businesses in Norway alone.

In the tech industry landscape, establishing a cybersecurity company has become increasingly vital. As the volume of big data expands with the aid of AI, protecting networks, data, and ap-plications has emerged as a paramount concern for enterprises worldwid
Telenor Cyberdefense is well-positioned not only to meet domestic demand but also to compete effectively on a global scale. By offering robust cybersecurity services, Telenor aims to reassure international customers of their commitment to safeguarding digital assets.

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