Tesla cars to be banned because of data privacy


Tesla Chief Elon Musk has cleared the air that if his company cars are being used for spying in china or anywhere else, then he would rather shut down the business than developing it.

Speaking through a video link at the China Development Forum, the multi billionaire technologists reacted to the news that China has banned the use of Tesla cars for its military and government agency operations as the external cameras recording the footage on the said company automated vehicles where found sending footage to servers in United States- a big security and privacy concern for Chinese government officials.

Musk took part in the conference after learning from the Wall Street Journal that the China’s military government agencies and firms managing critical infrastructure were asked not to buy cars from Tesla as the vehicles where found gathering images and sending them back to the servers in the headquarters of California.

Mr. Elon Musk stated that none of its cars or his company’s data centers indulge in snooping and assured that all the cars take data privacy of users on a serious note and have adequate measures to maintain them intact.

Note- Volvo is planning to counter Tesla’s electric models with its own breed of automobiles dubbed ‘Zeekr’ and will launch the test vehicles by October 2021. However, a lot depends on how the global automobile market will emerge by the end of this year after combating the thin-line in sales because of Corona virus propelled economic slowdown across the world.

Naveen Goud
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