The 5 most crucial Cybersecurity updates for businesses in 2021

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For as long as businesses have used computers, cybersecurity has been crucial. Now, as modern business and data are becoming inseparable, it’s an absolute necessity. As companies start to recover from 2020 losses, they should consider investing in security updates.
Cybercrime reached new heights in the past year, with internet crime reports rising 69.4% and costing more than $4.2 billion. Now that more companies are embracing digital services after the pandemic, this trend will likely continue. All businesses, regardless of size or industry, must revisit their cybersecurity.
Here are the five most important cybersecurity updates for this year.
1. Implementing a Zero-Trust framework
The single most crucial cybersecurity upgrade for businesses this year is adopting a zero-trust security framework. These systems, which rely on network segmentation and thorough user verification, aren’t new but are increasingly crucial. In light of rising cyberthreats,…

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