The future of cybersecurity for connected cars 

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Connected cars have slowly become mainstream, with more than 700 million of them expected to be operating on roads by 2030. Most new vehicles are leaving production lines with a host of features that require a connection to the online world, including GPS, lane assistance, collision avoidance, and modern infotainment systems. However, while connected vehicles offer abundant opportunities for the consumer, automakers need to seriously consider what they mean for consumer privacy and security. Any software vulnerabilities could undermine the safety of connected car systems and features, putting the user’s sensitive information at risk as well as their physical safety. As such, automakers need to adopt a cybersecurity culture that not only addresses the obvious exposures in their vehicle’s software, but other hidden vulnerabilities that could arise from third-party components in their vehicles. 
The current state of cybersecurity in connected vehicles 
Cybersecurity is still…

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