The Great CASB: Part Four

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Why You Don’t Need MDM

rawpixel-com-267082.jpgIn Part One, we discussed why you need a CASB in light of current business trends (cloud, BYOD, et cetera). In Part Two, we described the cybersecurity capabilities that companies need as they take advantage of the cloud. In Part Three, we detailed the mobile security tools companies need in order to protect their data in a modern, BYOD workplace.

Throughout this series, we have presented cloud access security brokers (CASBs) as the ideal solution for the security concerns faced by companies making use of the cloud. While this is (very) true, it is also important for enterprises to understand why they should avoid other, less helpful solutions. Mobile device management (MDM), for example, is a commonly used tool that has substantial issues. For companies supporting bring your own device (BYOD), they should carefully consider the complications that can arise with the use of MDM.

MDM solutions are invasive pieces of software that have a number of adverse effects on employees and their personal mobile devices. While organizations using them may only want to secure corporate data, they are also able to access all personal information and web traffic submitted through monitored devices. In addition to this, MDM tools can lead to frustrations like regular maintenance, lower battery life, and decreased performance. For these reasons, users are typically hesitant to install MDM on their devices. Obviously, if a security solution cannot be deployed, then its protections provide little value.

Instead of partially deploying incomplete security solutions, organizations should seek solutions that offer complete security with rapid, simple deployment. CASBs like Bitglass offer end-to-end security for all devices with a host of tools like DLP and access controls. By taking an agentless, data-centric approach, Bitglass secures data without compromising employee privacy or personal device performance.

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