The Importance of Security Control Baselines

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Security Control BaselinesFor cybersecurity professionals, baseline management is vital because any asset not properly configured can become a security vulnerability. Baselines are fundamental to managing projects of all types and this is especially important in cybersecurity, where everything is a race against time and against very guileful opponents. Although baseline management seems like time-consuming “record keeping,” it is in fact the only way to know where you are, how your assets are operating, what has changed, and what needs to be changed. Not only does this help ensure the safety and security of the assets under your watch, it also helps with compliance.

Baseline Configuration Management requires automated tools to help avoid missteps and oversights. The depth and frequency of baselining becomes a strategic decision that requires the input from cybersecurity and IT, as well as management, and is a vital component of the health of an organization. This is where specialized experts including Certified Authorization Professionals (CAP) play a key role. CAPs can be the vital bridge between technicians, executives, regulators, and others involved in the Security process.

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