The new normal is actually very normal:  Punctuated equilibrium, security cycle theory, and the “New Normal”

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In 2020, the world was hit with an unexpected pandemic that changed much of life as many had come to know it.  Virtually overnight, masks were required, employees were working remotely, children were home from school, and businesses were locked down to stop the spread of Covid19.  In reading the news and social media the term “The New Normal” has taken front and center as the image that is being promoted.  FBI statistics show that due to the pandemic and the increase in remote workers, cyber fraudsters have taken a much more active role.  Other criminals are also taking advantage of the situation.  The dire sounding term “The New Normal” seems to suggest that life will be forever changed and we, as humans, will struggle to adapt. What occurred in 2020 was neither “new” nor is it as dire as it…

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