The relationship between security maturity and business enablement

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A seminal report exploring the correlation between cybersecurity and positive business and security outcomes
Now more than ever organizations globally want to better understand, manage, and minimize security risks. To achieve this, security leaders should be regularly assessing their processes and programs to gain a sense of their organization’s security maturity, where gaps exist, and what can be done to improve security posture.
In March 2020, AT&T Cybersecurity and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) completed a benchmark survey aimed at helping organizations understand what a mature cybersecurity program looks like and how that maturity influences security and business outcomes.
Results from the 500 security professionals surveyed on their processes, policies, and controls were mapped into the NIST Cybersecurity Framework’s (CSF) five foundational cybersecurity functions: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.
The goal of this unique research was to validate if — and to what degree — organizations…

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