The Top 10 EMEA Webcasts of the Last 12 Months

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Today’s IT security landscape is tough terrain to navigate at the best of times. Cybersecurity professionals need all the guidance, insight and education they can get to help them stay on top of arguably the most challenging points where business and technology collide. As always, (ISC)2 is your partner on this journey, providing resources such as our series of webcasts to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends, issues, tactics and threats in cybersecurity. Want to know where to start? Here are the top 10 EMEA webcasts from the last year:


Machine-learningMachine Learning in Infosec: Debunking Buzz and Demystifying Use Cases

Demystify what machine learning is as well as what it can and cannot do in InfoSec, walk through three of the most common use cases of where these technologies can be implemented and explore the latest innovations in ML & AI, and where this will take cybersecurity professionals next. Sponsored by Splunk.

TLS Decryption: Critical to Detecting Threats

As the volume of encrypted traffic continues to grow, organisations become even more vulnerable to encrypted attacks, threats and exploits that go undetected. Learn how to create a centralised “decryption zone” to decrypt traffic once and give security tools newfound visibility into encrypted traffic. Sponsored by Gigamon.

Enriching Your Security Product Stack with The Power of IPAM and DNS

Today’s enterprise network has a vast number of network and security devices – all generating their own incidents, but they don’t always share information. Find out how integration of different network and security tools can provide better visibility across your entire network and remove silos, improve agility and automate IT workflows and enable faster remediation to threats. Sponsored by Infoblox.

GDPR Compliance – Don’t Let Your SIEM Be Your Downfall

Whatever SIEM solution you operate, it is highly likely that personal information is captured in the log data such as phone numbers, email addresses, cookies, RFID’s, geolocation and more. This webinar features detailed analysis on how you should treat your SIEM solution and log data under the GDPR. It also explores the risk of processing and storing log data in the context of GDPR, explains your obligations and the precautions you can take, as well as examining use cases for network and information security logs. Sponsored by Splunk.

As Attackers Evolve, So Must Machines: Advancing Machine Learning Beyond the Hype

A frank assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of static analysis, decompilation, detonation, in-context analysis, artificial intelligence and other emerging approaches, all grounded in real-world examples and specific algorithmic details. Sponsored by Carbon Black.

The War Against Ransomware: Can You Afford the Downtime? Ransomware

Understand the history of Ransomware and the need to know strategies to protect your organisation against such attacks. In particular, explore how business continuity and disaster recovery can save your organisation when disaster strikes. Participants are also treated to an inside view of a real ransomware infection with all the statistics and facts to go with it. Sponsored by Datto.

Is Your SOC SOARing or Snoring? Force Multiply Your Security Analysts by Ten

Teams that use Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) platforms are seeing improvements in scale, consistency, and are responding to security alerts at machine speed.

Find out what SOAR is and how it can help you achieve, along with what responses look like in comparison when using a SOAR solution. You will also hear three top tips on getting started to ensure successful automation and orchestration in your organisation.

Sponsored by Splunk.

Using Modern Authentication Methods with Legacy Assets

There are a large proportion of business-critical legacy applications that are unable to accept modern forms of authentication. Nonetheless, they remain essential to business workflow. Refactoring legacy applications is costly and sometimes virtually impossible. Yet these applications are accessing highly valuable data across networks and they are a data breach ready to happen. This webinar explores the available options and strategies for supporting and protecting these essential systems with more modern and robust authentication technologies. Sponsored by Cyxtera.

PAM: The Critical Missing Piece in Your Security Strategy

With this webinar, you will learn why organisations should make PAM their top 2019 investment, why quickly controlling and automating key PAM capabilities is critical to your organisation’s success and how to prepare the business case for your PAM project and to get Executive Leadership buy-in. Sponsored by Bomgar.

Five Security Stories of 2018: What Our Customers Have Taught Us

2018 was the year of GDPR, but a look back over the last 12 months reveals that those in cybersecurity went through a year of numerous trends, investments and modernisation. Using trends and lessons learned from Splunk’s own customers throughout 2018, this webinar features insights into the SOC activities at the Bank of England, a look at security life inside Siemens, how Telia developed the skillsets it needed for its SOC to succeed. The webinar also takes a look at the factory-floor industrial internet of things security considerations at car maker Volkswagen. Sponsored by Splunk.


All our webinars are available for playback after the live event, so you will never miss an opportunity and can always go back for a second look. There’s always something new to discover that will keep you ahead of the challenges facing your business.