Trending: 4,500+ Cyber Pros Enroll in Free (ISC)2 Ransomware Course in Less Than a Month in Order to Fortify Their Preparedness and Response Skills

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Trending- 4 500+ Cyber Pros EnrollNearly three weeks after (ISC)² made its highly popular Professional Development Institute (PDI) course titled “Ransomware: Identify, Protect, Detect, Recover,” free to the public through July 31, 2021, more than 4,500 professionals have enrolled in the course.

The ransomware crisis has reached an all-time high, with numerous headline-grabbing attacks coming to light. Some attacks, such as the ones against Kaseya and SolarWinds, are having far-reaching effects that, by design, extend well beyond the original target. The current ransomware epidemic is leaving victim organizations struggling to remediate and others wondering if they’ll be next. However, with protection strategies and remediation plans in place prior to an attack, organizations are better prepared to recover quickly or negate an attack altogether.

The two-hour nontechnical (ISC)² course covers ransomware strategy topics such as:

  • The impact of ransomware on businesses – revenue loss, loss of customer trust, reputational damage, etc.
  • Protection, preparedness and remediation strategies
  • The importance of threat intelligence and its effect on reducing risk
  • The NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the importance of implementing policies to detect and remediate attacks
  • Threat-informed email protection

Feedback has been exceptional, with numerous attendees encouraging their wider social, professional and community networks to take the course themselves. Armed with the latest knowledge, learners are better equipped to navigate a ransomware attack, minimize damage and quickly restore operations.

The feedback below highlights some of the aspects of the course that learners have appreciated related to its value:

  • “The course provided a brief, but very important perspective and overall view about ransomware.”
  • “The course really helped me understand more about ransomware attacks including how I can identify such an attack using threat intelligence. What I also like about this course is that it gave me more insight into why you can't focus only on prevention because you can't prevent every attack. You also need to spend more time on detection strategy including quick response and recovery when a security incident eventually happens.”
  • “Up-to-date and relevant topic, went beyond just IT and looked at other factors such as cyber insurance and communication.”

The course is Quality Matters (QM) approved and upon successful completion, learners earn a certification of completion and digital badge. Successful course completion will also unlock a 25% discount off all PDI courses through July 31, including the All-Access Pass and the Express BundleThere are also two related courses that are recommended for those interested in learning more about ransomware: Techniques for Malware Analysis and Navigating Cyber Insurance.


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