Truth behind Amazon stealing financial credentials of customers via Cyber Attack


From the past few days, a group of techies on Git-Hub churned out a conversation claiming Amazon stealing the financial credentials of its customers through a cyber attack.

But the truth is out that the attack is being launched by some hackers impersonating the retail giant and not by the actual staff of the Jeff Bezos led company.

Researchers from Check Point’s subsidiary, Avanan, have discovered that some group of cyber criminals were seen spoofing American Multinational Technology Company Amazon to steal financial data of customers.

Avanan researchers claim that the digital deception is taking place in two forms- one by sending a fake email and second requesting the user to click on a web form and submit credit card details to either claim a high end reward or keep their account active.

Sometimes, cyber crooks are seen calling the victims and asking them to verbally submit their card details, only to be used later in large-scale scams.

Check Point’s business subsidiary claims that most of such calls are coming with an area code of South Carolina who, in-turn are being rerouted to call center based scammers from India and other parts of Asia.

Scammers are getting hold of a contact phone number of a victim and then pushing them into frauds involving voicemails or text messages.

Emails are coming with legitimate links related to Amazon, they are easily passed through email monitoring solutions and Google’s highly sophisticated spam filters.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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