Twitter to take down fake accounts to please Elon Musk and his $44 billion offer

Elon Musk, the Chief of Tesla and Starlink Satellite Internet, offered a $44 billion deal to Twitter. But the only thing he requested was that the company should come clean and take down fake accounts that were bots and generating fake tweets and might also be in use to spread misinformation, blasphemy content, fake likes, and whatnot.

Twitter denied having any fake accounts and assured Musk that they could provide raw data to his team for analysis, including millions of tweets generated on a daily note.

But suddenly, the world’s second social media networking giant changed its strategy and bowed down to the demands of Elon Musk and admitted that they were ready to take down fake accounts so that Musk could pay the already announced amount of $44 billion for acquiring the company.

The Tesla chief did not react to the issue directly and instead directed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to launch a formal investigation.

“As Twitter under-reported fake bot accounts, it could have negatively affected Texas consumers and businesses and so we will investigate it to the core,” said Attorney General Ken Paxton.

FYI, Twitter agreed in April 2022 that it had about 5% of automated accounts that were generating around 3-4 tweets on a daily note. But Musk disclosed in one of his May month’s tweets that the social media giant might have over 20% of fake accounts that were against the data privacy and security policies prevailing in several states of North America.

NOTE 1- Legal representatives say that Twitter has a fair enough chance to sue Musk if he backed out of the acquisition agreement of Twitter at the agreed price and terms.

NOTE 2- Elon Musk just made an offer to buy Twitter. But he never bounded into any legal agreement that he will stand by his words of buying Twitter for the said price till the end.


Naveen Goud
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