UK Government formulates new Cybersecurity Guidelines for Connected Cars


The British government has come up with a new set of guidelines to encourage automakers to prioritize cyber security standards in all of their future innovations. Last week, UK’s Transport Minister Lord Callanan announced the new set of guidelines which are supposed to be followed by auto makers on an immediate note.

As autonomous and connected vehicles are becoming common on British roadways, the government of UK planned to offer a minimum protection against cyber attacks to all those users in the UK who are using connected cars. Their aim is to provide all parties involved in manufacturing and supply chain of connected vehicles a handbook containing a consistent set of guidelines while manufacturing IoT driven vehicles.

For this reason, the British government released a governmental guidance titled “The key principles of vehicle cyber security for connected and automated vehicles” which has 8 basic principles.

The United Kingdom has asked all the manufacturers offering connected cars to put greater emphasis on ensuring that the systems used in their vehicles are secure and well updated with the latest standards.

In June this year, the queen announced in her opening speech at the Parliament that Autonomous and Electric Vehicles are expected to be the future and so auto makers should come well equipped with the next wave of technology when it comes to self-driving cars. She emphasized on safety and security features in smart cars and asked the manufacturers to invent and design cars which can be operated safely on British Roads.

Cybersecurity Insiders readers can find the newly formulated guidelines in the following link of UK’s Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure

Note 1- Autonomous cars are those vehicles which can sense the environment and navigate without human input. Technically speaking, these cars are controlled by a computer which analyzes the data gained by sensors and moves the vehicle based on instructions which are pre-determined.

Note 2- Connected cars or smart cars are those vehicles which have internet access. These cars move according to the data shared by other devices both inside as well as outside the vehicle.

Technically speaking, both are driverless cars which work on computer instructions.

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