UK plans neutralization against state sponsored cyber attacks!

British are not going to stay silent from now on against cyber attacks being carried out by state-sponsored agencies. The government of UK has finally decided to defend itself in cyberspace and “ Strike back” against those who harm the integrity of its nation in any manner.

According to a new cyber security strategy posed by the UK government for 2016 to 2021, a £1.9 billion investment has been made in last year’s Defence and Security review. As a result of this investment, the British are now equipped with the latest cyber security innovation which will help it fight those who threaten Britain in cyberscape.

The strategy is also said to help Briton to relentlessly pursue anyone who persists in attacking the nation.

UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond has specifically warned rogue states like Moscow for targeting its national infrastructures such as power grid networks and air traffic systems.

The issue has sensitized after high-profile hacks were carried out on Democratic National Committee and the World Anti-doping Agency.

As US intelligence agencies have named Russia as the nation behind these conspiracies, Mr. Hammond has directly lashed out at the transcontinental country of Eurasia.

As per a media report, a Russian Group has been named behind an attack on a French Tv station, TV5MONDE, which made it go off the air.

UK Governments Communication Headquarters has also named the same group for targeting UK television channels like BBC, ITV, Channel4 and Sky in 2015.

Speaking at a Microsoft Conference in Central London, and reacting to the latest happenings, Mr. Hammond stressed out on three key plan strategies- defense, deter and develop. He added that Britain will continue to acknowledge its cyber security strategies presented in the last parliament and will try to keep up with the scale and pace of threats they face in coming days.

Here we need to make a note of a point that in the year 2015, UK Government’s National Security Strategy identified cyber security as a ‘tier 1’ risk to the UK.

The level occupies the same level of risk as terrorism and global instability.

Naveen Goud
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