Ukraine busts hacker behind 773 million password breach of Americans and Europeans

Ukraine has released an official statement yesterday saying that the law enforcement authorities have taken a person named Sanix into custody in association with a password breach related to over 773 million European and American populace.


Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) says that the hacker was convicted about a hack involving 1 million unique passwords stolen last year and later discovered that the person was also involved siphoning info from other databases that contained financial information related to European and American populace.


KrebsOnSecurity which was first to report the incident says that the cyber crook named Sanix could have accessed over 87GB information from a database involving a credit monitoring company and could have also been involved in similar crimes in the past.


At the time of arrest, Sanix was caught by the law enforcement with over 2 TB of data which mainly considered consolidated information stolen and leaked from some old data breaches which include CVV PINs, credit card details, e-wallets info and cryptocurrency cash stored in them, PayPal account details, email IDs and passwords and some data related to botnets and devices which can be involved in large scale distributed denial of service attacks.


Intel 471 which happens to be a Cybersecurity firm reported that Sanix used to sell all such details on the dark web making it easy for hackers to access databases related to large organizations and universities across the world.


Note- The highlight in this discovery is that some credentials also belonged to a Virtual Private Network used by San Bernadino California.

Naveen Goud
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