Ukraine IT Infrastructure now targeted by Sandworm Hacking Group


Ukraine’s populace problems seem to be unending. First, it was the war that killed many of the innocent populace. Second, it’s Putin’s plans to freeze the entire nation by cutting down the power supply to the entire nation, thus blocking their heating demands. And third seems to be a much-dreaded threat, that actually seems to be large than what is being reported- nuclear war.

If this wasn’t enough, here comes the fresh problem of malware. Sandworm hacking group, funded by GRU, is seen inducting RansomBoggs malware into the communication infrastructure of the Volodymyr Zelenskyy-led nation.

According to a Twitter update made by ESET, RansomBoggs is written in. NET code was actually developed to become a data destroyer. It was first unleashed onto an energy firm’s network in Kyiv, meant to push into deep disruption. But all thanks to UK’s NCSC’s cyber arm that is working in association with Ukraine’s CERT in the capital and managed to actively block the threat on an immediate note, thus preventing a massacre.

NOTE 1- Biden administration announced a $10m reward for people who give legible info about the Russian GRU-backed Sandworm hacking gang, as it was found guilty of disrupting critical infrastructure in America.

NOTE 2- Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence team dubbed the same criminal gang as Iridium and discovered that this gang of criminals was launching Prestige Data Wiping Ransomware into Ukraine’s transport and logistics network of Ukraine, to block their supplies of essentials and ammunition from the west.


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