University of California gets $1.4 million funding to fight cyber attacks


University of California, San Diego has got a $1.4 million funding from The US Department of Homeland Security. The fund will be used to help scientists discover and invent better ways to spot internet vulnerabilities from Cyber attacks in advance.

According to our sources, most of the funding will be used to model cyber attacks and measure their impact on Utilities. Then those trials will be arbitrated by certain solutions, which will help in narrowing down the serious hacking incidents within no time.

Since, the US election date of 2016 was announced; many news resources predicted that they could be a possible cyber invasion to influence the US elections from countries Russia and China.

On October 21st, 2016 a cyber attack was carried out on a DNS provide called DYN which made many internet services like PayPal, Twitter and Airbnb go offline for hours. Though there is no valid evidence that this was a state-sponsored attack, FBI hinted that the group behind it was from the borders of Russia.

So, in the benefit of the nation and to strengthen national security, the federal government’s Homeland Security has taken the step of funding various Universities in coming years. This will ensure that proper encouragement is provided to professionals and apprentice cyber security experts to find ways to curb cyber threats in a proactive way.

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has a long history of cyber research. The educational institution has a dedicated team which constantly works on new projects pertaining to cyber security. The funding will be taken up by San Diego Super Computer Center which is a part of UCSD.

Current US President Donald Trump has assured the populace of United States that snooping on its nation will not be tolerated anymore. He added that there will be zero tolerance for those who try to invade their public and private utilities from now on.

Naveen Goud
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