US fears shadow cyber attacks on its Satellites by Russia n China

US fears nations like China and Russia will soon copy and surpass its space capabilities, say in a decade or so.

General David Thompson, the Chief of US Space operations, opined things are getting worse as days are passing by and could prove fatal to America or the entire world within no time.

Expressing his viewpoint in an interview to Washington Post, the Space Force officer warned adversaries like China are working on a global network of satellites that can always monitor the developments happening around the world.

What’s astonishing about the revelation is the fact that Russia attacked a US Satellite in 2019 with an Anti-Satellite make dubbed ASAT. However, the attack appeared to be just a warning as it almost kissed the Satellite’s arms and flew away, mildly shattering the non-operation satellite of United States, launched in 1982.

Nations such as China are sending new satellites twice as fast as the US and might become a superpower one day.

But no worries!, says the General Force Commander as the Biden led nation’s space capabilities are so best that no one can come close to the current potential, at least for now.

What if the satellite hit the NSSA controlled defunct space craft? Well, we cannot precisely predict the destruction. However, the debris could have easily shattered other satellites, pushing them away from their regular orbits and making them non-operational at least for months or years- as it’s not that easy to control a damaged space ship that lost its regular orbit, as it can take days, months or even years to overhaul it and can cost millions or billions erstwhile.

Naveen Goud
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