US Tech Giants follows the new standard to allow users to access health data with ease


Technology giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have joined hands to provide online consumers easier access to their medical records by joining a new data model at a White House Blue Button Developers Conference recently.

CARIN Blue Button API is the data model which offers a specific standard to share health data with ease which includes doctor visits, test reports, and medical procedural info.

All the health insurance companies operating in the United States or those offering services from outside are reported to have joined the CARIN Alliance which has a drafted guideline for more than 240 claim data elements approved by a multiple regional and national health plans.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services assisted in formulating the standards aimed at providing data related to historical claims-all at one place irrespective of the user’s application.

As the data model is scheduled to be launched in 2020, all the organizations which have agreed to participate in the draft testing process will perform “ real-world” testing of the CARIN model in real-time from early next month.

Technically speaking, Apple has been allowing its users to view their lab reports, medications, prescriptions via its Health App available on iPhones and iPads. And Microsoft has also done the same with its HealthVault service which also stores data related to fitness info along with the regular health data.

Now, all that data will be available for access through a central repository called ‘Blue Button API’ developed and maintained by CARIN.

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