Valueless Degrees and Death of Jobs says Tesla Chief Elon Musk


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again termed the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) threatening to the existence of Human Kind and added that the use of robots in various industries will kill jobs and will make education related degrees valueless.

Speaking at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, Mr. Musk felt that although AI is one of the brilliant technological marvels, it has its own cons that can prove fatal to the entire humankind.

“Rise of AI will only benefit those involved in the development of AI software, as they will be least affected by the job industry evolution. Rest all will feel the pinch and might also lose their jobs forever,” felt Musk.

Supporting his thoughts was a report released by World Economic Forum that says that AI technology will make the humans lose over 75 million jobs by 2022-mostly from manufacturing, analysis, research & development and the education and customer sector. And this will be because most of the works will be accomplished by robots and algorithms, giving very little scope for human intervention.

What’s interesting about the say of Musk is that his company has created a Tesla Robot (dubbed Tesla Bot) despite the dislike from the electric car making chief.

Technically, Tesla Bot is a thinking machine that runs on the same CPU hardware witnessed in the Tesla’s self driving cars. Coming to its vital stats, the Robot is 5 feet eight inches tall and has an LED screen that displays important information and a camera mounted on the head to capture the surroundings.

Tesla Bot will have a carrying capacity of 45 pounds, a lifting capacity of 150 pounds, and a weight of 125 pounds and can do every manual job that a human does.

Naveen Goud
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