Vengeance filled Hack back from Muhstik Ransomware Victim


A Muhstik Ransomware Victim who happens to be a computer engineer and a white-hat hacker has made an excellent move by hacking back the perpetrator’s database who were spreading ransomware and released close to 3k decryption keys for free to victims as a retaliation.

Going into the details, Tobias Fromel, who happens to be a German Native fell prey to a ransomware hack in September this year where threat actors encrypted his system files by sneaking the malware into his QNAP NAS device and demanded 0.09 BTC ( $700 and £670) to free up the encrypted database.

To get back his files, Fromel bowed down to the demands of hackers and gained access to locked-up data and then decided to launch a cyber-attack in retaliation.

He somehow sneaked into the database of the hackers, gained access to the information stored on the files and then leaked out over 3,000 decryption keys and a free decryptor for all current and future fellow victims.

NOTE- QNAP which happens to be a Taiwan based storage appliance manufacturer has decided to felicitate Tobias Fromel for his retaliation deed- although it was illegal. And al those victims who want to appreciate his hacking activity can do it financially by transferring related crypto to his mentioned Bitcoin wallet address.

Last week, Emsisoft has released a decryption tool for Muhstik Ransomware victims whose files have been encrypted on windows machines. It is free and will only need little expertise to accomplish the activity.

Naveen Goud
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