VMware purchases CloudCoreo for Cloud Security expertise!

VMware, the leader in Virtualization software and services has decided to acquire cloud company CloudCoreo to help its customers get a better understanding of cloud security risks in their enterprise environments. As of now, the deal between VMware and CloudCoreo remains undisclosed, but the company’s 11 member staff is said to join VMware’s Cloud Services unit from March this year.

VMware’s Cloud Services Manager Milin Desai made an announcement on this note at The Information’s Hybrid Cloud &AI event yesterday and hinted that the deal will get completed by the 2Q of this year.

CloudCoreo is said to help VMware customers running hybrid cloud environments to better understand the risks associated with data and application dispersal across multiple cloud environments.

“In a world where data is being left unsecured on Amazon Web Services S3 storage buckets, services like CloudCoreo can help companies get a hand on how their cloud services are being configured when it comes to security”, said Milin Desai. The tech guy added that services of CloudCoreo will prove beneficial in helping VMware customers run their software to manage their on-premise data centers that run workloads on public cloud environments. 

Founded in the year 2014, CloudCoreo is presently being led by Tom Hull, a well-known entrepreneur in Seattle area where Microsoft does a lot of buzzes. Currently, the company is based in Jollyville Road, Austin, Texas.

More details on the acquisition are available on the official blog of VMware.

Note- VMware is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies and provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. The company is known as the very first firm to virtualize the x86 architecture. Pretty soon, VMware is said to buy Dell Technology assets in a reverse merger strategy.

Naveen Goud
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