Vodafone updates that it knew Huawei 5G espionage secrets 10 years ago


As Huawei is trying hard to convince the world that its 5G equipment is safe from espionage threats, Britain based Telecom company Vodafone has released an update against the Chinese vendor which will surely leave the former in a bit of disappointment.

Vodafone says that it has discovered several flaws between 2009 and 2012 in the equipment supplied to an Italian firm by Huawei. This includes internet routers which were alleged to have hidden back doors transmitting data to remote servers located in China.

However, a story published in Bloomberg says that the technical flaws were resolved back in 2012 and the susceptibility which the Vodafone is referring happens to be of Telnet- a protocol that is commonly used by vendors for performing diagnostic functions.

But US intelligence claims that Beijing could have asked Huawei to install backdoors in its 5G equipment supply so that the government can conduct eavesdropping in companies where the equipment is used to know secrets and to create ripples in the political stream.

Meanwhile, despite falling into the center of the debate about the company’s trustworthiness in offering 5G network equipment, Huawei has released its new P30 Pro mobile phone which is loaded with an Octa-core HiSilicon Kirin Processor of 8GB Ram and 6.47 inches drop notch display. It comes loaded with a 40MP+20MP+8MP camera at the rear and 32MP camera at the front.

Huawei P30 Pro’s sales might be restricted to Asian countries as almost all western nations except the UK are not in a mood to shrug off the alert issued by Trump Administration last year.

Note – Vodafone UK has started offering a trade into the populace of Britain who chose to exchange their old devices in working condition for a new Huawei Pro series of smartphones. But the exchange model comes with certain conditions.

Naveen Goud
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