Ways to setup Squid proxy server and helpful tips

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A squid proxy server has two major functions. First, it is an intermediary proxy. Second, it provides cache services for popular network protocols including HTTP and FTP. The use of proxies and cache services makes up a better internet user experience.
Proxies provide added layers of security and cache services that make loading processes faster. Obviously, getting both services from a single provider is highly efficient.
What is a Squid proxy server?
Squid is a Unix-based proxy server that can do both caching and proxying. It can cache any web content to the user or requestor that is from a closer data storage point. It frequently caches large media files and web pages to reduce bandwidth congestion. Thus it decreases loading periods.
Squid supports several caching protocols, such as hypertext caching protocols (HTCP), internet cache protocol (ICP), cache array routing protocol …

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