Webinar: Verify, don’t trust: What you need to know about popular Docker Hub images

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Last week we presented part one of our webinar series – Verify, don’t trust: what you need to know about popular Docker Hub images. This 30-minute mini-series was presented by CloudPassage solutions engineer Jenks Gibbons, who dove into some exciting original research conducted by an independent team here at CloudPassage.

As Jenks explains, containerization is a rapidly growing trend. A trend that involves a number of guiding principles and best practices for building container images.

Our researchers downloaded and analyzed thousands of the most popular images on Docker Hub in order to explore how these community-built images were constructed, and to test whether or not the most popular ones adhere to containerization best practices. As you may have guessed, security issues surfaced.

Watch part one of this series in order to uncover:

  • Common practices to avoid when publishing container images
  • How to build better-performing containers
  • What to look for in community images before incorporating them into your environment

We would like to thank Holger Schulze, founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders and head of the LinkedIn Information Security Community for hosting this webinar.

Did you miss last week’s webinar? Not a problem. You can view it in its entirety, here.

Photo:The Cyber Advocate


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