Analytics Workloads for the New Era of AI Applications


Dec 2, 2021 2:00 AM PHT

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Analytics Workloads for the New Era of AI Applications

Data is fundamental to creating efficient business operations, discovering new revenue opportunities, and delivering exceptional customer experience. As the world continues to become increasingly technology-centric, with an ever-growing number of data sources and streams, enterprises are facing the challenge of making sense of the staggering volume and diversity of data using traditional data processing application software.

One of the most effective and proven way of dealing with such large and complex volume of data is with the help of modern Big Data Analytics workloads solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, implementing Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. In fact, enterprises across the world are embracing an “AI-first” approach. Register for this webinar to learn how your enterprise can mature analytics capabilities and become more data-driven.


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