Demystifying Zero Trust Security


Thursday, March 23 @ 1 PM ET | 12 PM CT | 10 AM PT

    • John Grancarich | Executive Vice President of Strategy, Fortra
    • Ryan Maltzen | Security Architect, Fortra)
    • Holger Schulze | CEO and Founder Cybersecurity Insiders)

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Zero Trust Security has taken on a fad-like identity. Misconceptions and lack of education have led to confusion around what Zero Trust is and how to implement its tenants, undermining the powerful role it can play in improving security maturity. In this webinar, we’ll simplify the concept of Zero Trust and share guidance from both the business as well as the security perspective to help your organization align and move forward.

Join cybersecurity experts John Grancarich (Executive Vice President of Strategy, Fortra), Ryan Maltzen (Security Architect, Fortra) and Holger Schulze (Founder and CEO, Cybersecurity Insiders) as they discuss:

• What security professionals are saying – and struggling with – around Zero Trust
• Common pitfalls with a Zero Trust Security approach
• Real-world challenges organizations face around this topic
• Helpful guidance for organizations prioritizing their next step

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