What did hackers from Russia steal from British Corona Virus Labs

Russia has been launching Cyber Attacks on British Universities researching the vaccine to curb COVID 19 and this was confirmed by a post published in ‘Daily Mail’ last week. The newspaper also added in its post that hackers linked to Kremlin and Iran were behind the cyber attack campaign whose mere intention was to steal classical documents related to future treatment and vaccine of Corona Virus.

Two days ago, the renowned news resource from London published more documents detailing the info about the scale of the digital attack launched by Kremlin which has stunned the intelligence communities around the world.

‘The Mail On Sunday’ added in its report that a medical facility in West London was targeted by a state-funded hacking group from Russia and the objective was to steal testing info related to medicines and vaccines related to Corona.

Hammersmith Medical Research (HMR) initially denied the report as mere speculation. But later it admitted that data related to passport scans, national insurance cards, visa documents, photos, and health questionnaires related to volunteers involved in the COVID 19 medicine testing were accessed by hackers in the hack which took place on its lab database in March second week.

Maze Ransomware hacking group is suspected to be behind the attack as they have published a portion of data on the dark web last month as the victim failed to pay £2 million as ransom.

All these details were revealed when the HMR lab contacted the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) for help and slowly the mystery behind the attack started to unfold.

NCSC which happens to be a cyber arm of United Kingdom’s GCHQ found in its probe that the hackers linked to Kremlin were based in Georgia and had a history of working for Russian Security Services.

Naveen Goud
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