What Docker runtime deprecation means for your Kubernetes

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On December 8, 2020, Kubernetes released version 1.20—the third and final release of the popular container orchestration platform in 2020. Kubernetes noted in a blog post that the version contained 42 enhancements. Of those enhancements, 16 entered into alpha, while the remainder moved to beta or graduated to stable at 15 and 11, respectively.
That’s not all that was in Kubernetes version 1.20, however. The new release also came with the announcement of dockershim’s forthcoming deprecation. This blog post will discuss what this change means to admins and provide some recommendations on how admins can respond. Before we do that, however, we need to cover the basics of how dockershim relates to Kubernetes and why the platform decided to deprecate the component in the first place.
An Overview of Dockershim
Dockershim is a module used by the kubelet to support Container Runtime Interface (CRI)…

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