What will happen to Windows 7 support after January 15, 2020


Microsoft has already issued a warning that after early January 2020 all its Windows 7 PC will lose support from its company and might become super vulnerable to cyber attacks such as malware infections like Ransomware and such.


In layman terms, the tech giant has given clear instruction that it will no longer provide any security updates, patches for any newly discovered vulnerabilities and its Windows Defender will almost be neutralized.


Therefore, all Windows 7 Operating system loaded computer system owners are hereby requested to upgrade to Windows 10 OS (Endow with the hardware support) or dump their old devices for a new computing device.


Those who still wish to use their old devices will receive a home screen warning from/after January 15th, 2020 that their PC remains unprotected and will not be able to defend itself from malicious software lurking in the cyber world.


Note 1- For Win 7 Business users, Microsoft has announced that it will provide software support for up to 3 years for each PC running on the said OS.


Note 2- Those purchasing a Windows Virtual Desktop, to support a small set of applications will also receive support for the next three years.


Note 3 – Microsoft has made it official that those using the Chrome browser on Win 7 will continue to receive support for the next 3 years. However, the news for those using the Chromium-based Edge browser is bad as the support might end by this year-end.


Note 4- To stay in the good books of its patrons, the internet juggernaut has proactively launched a campaign in April 2019 that the support for its 2009 launched operating system will in Jan’2020. From September last year, it intensified this campaign and started to push a pop-up in the notifications section to inform the users.

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