White House bans employees from using Mobile Phones!

From Friday this week( Jan 5th,2017), all employees of the White House, including the C-level will be banned from using personal mobile phones at work. A move which is being strongly condemned by the officials as it could prevent them from being in contact with their children and other relatives trying to reach them during work hours.

Chief of Staff John Kelly imposed a ban on the usage of personal phones in the white house campus citing security concerns.

In November last year, Trump expressed a serious concern about press leaks happening from the white house compound to news organizations. And after reviewing the current set of security measures which are in place, Trump administration has finally decided to impose a ban on the usage of personal phones by the White House staff during work hours.

An official from the white house, who likes to be anonymous, says that the concern of Trump was not only the press leaks. She added that since too many devices were being connected to the White House wireless network, it triggered panic among the network security staff that technically personal phone usage isn’t as secure as those issued by the federal government.

So, the Trump administration has imposed a ban on the usage of personal phones in the White House Campus.

Details on how the new policy will be implemented will be disclosed as soon as it is available to us.

But speculations are ripe that the staff will not be allowed to carry personal cellphones from home to white house or and if they do will be taken away by the security staff at the entrance gates.

Some of the US senators who oppose the ban say that they cannot use their work phones for personal use as they can’t accommodate texting and this can make the distance from their near& dear during work hours.

Note- Since, May’17, White House computer network blocks employees from accessing certain websites, including Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Naveen Goud
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