White House to spend $2 billion on Artificial Intelligence between 2020-2021


White House under the leadership of President Donald Trump has announced that it will spend $2 billion on research and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) between 2020-2021. The report also specifies that the government will also spend over $1 billion on Quantum Computing technology foreseeing its future in various business fields.

Note- ‘Quantum Computing’ is a kind of technology where quantum theory is used to do computing works instead of bits of information by usual computers.

White House wants to ease up the processing of enormous data sets in AI by integrating it with Quantum Computing that offers better reasoning, learning and cumulative understanding.

“The Trump Administration has taken unprecedented action to prioritize AI with Quantum and it could play a vital role in bolstering the economy and national security to the core”, says Micheal Kratsios, the CTO of United States.

In February 2019, President Trump requested all federal agencies to give priority to AI in their annual budget requests.

Meanwhile, technology giant Amazon has made it official that its Amazon Web Services(AWS) platform will be fully available for the quantum Computing service Braket by this month end.

Announced at the AWS Ignite Conference in Dec’19, Braket is a cloud based testing platform that allows scientists, researchers, and developers to begin experimenting with computers from hardware related to Quantum technology at a single place. Amazon designed the quantum computing space with the help of hardware vendors, D-wave, IonQ and Rigetti.

The technology company led by Jeff Bezos argues that scientists can test all variants of quantum algorithms and troubleshoot the software-based simulators using AWS Braket SDK.

Naveen Goud
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