Wikileaks latest revelations strengthen World War 3 reports!


Wikileaks has divulged in its latest whistle-blowing revelation that US National Security Agency has been constantly spying on the military and mobile networks of nations such as Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, and China.

In one of its latest tweets, Wikileaks hinted that NSA uses cyber weapons to maintain vigil on mobile and web networks of Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, and China. While the web news resources have openly confessed that it has enough proof to prove that the US security agencies are monitoring mobile networks in Pakistan, it also hinted that the same procedure is being followed by NSA for nations such as Russia, North Korea, and China.

It is a known fact that the relationship between US and North Korea & US and Russia strained in the past few weeks. First it was United States Cyber attack propelled interference in North Korea’s missile launch which led to the missile launch failure and the second is US bombing on Syria which highly offended Russian President Vladimir Putin.

US President Donald TRUMP in his latest media interaction said that the relationship with Russia has been low in recent times.

He added that North Korea deserves to be overlooked as a nation due to its indulgence in notorious deeds such as cyber attacks and nuclear weapon testing.

Here, although the dispute is in between three nation’s i.e North Korea, Russia and United States; the outside world is expecting a World War 3 anytime soon. Already Google search engine is being flooded with search terms such as trump war, nuclear war and Syria war which clearly indicates that the whole world is expecting a war between America and Russia with North Korea and China offering support to the later.

In 2013, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden who is now seeking asylum in Russia shocked the entire world by revealing that United States National Security Agency (NSA) has a data center in Utah which has the potential to spy on any nations common as well as celeb populace like politicians and businessmen.

In its latest revelation of Vault 7 docs, Wikileaks revealed that US law enforcement agency CIA has the potential to hack any smart device, IoT or connected cars in the world through malicious software.

Thus, these two facts of evidence are enough to prove the capabilities of US NSA on conducting cyber espionage and war on its enemy nations.

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