Will Microsoft try to monopolize its security services after Google

We all know that in coming years usage of Google services will all depend upon the patriotism of the users towards the web search giant. That’s because most of the mobile computing devices we use by then will be operating on OSes released by the subsidiary of the Alphabet, Inc and will only entertain the online services offered by the company.

Security experts suggest that the world’s top technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google will try to monopolize the market in next 5 years. What they mean is that most of the said companies will offer secure and safe online operations only to those who only use their service offerings via different devices like tablets, mobiles, and PCs.

Well, Microsoft latest move seems to be making this trend come true in near future.

Recently, all those who were using the beta version of the latest Windows 10 were surprised to see a pop message when they tried to download third-party web browsers on their respective devices.

And the message was as follows-

“You already have a Microsoft Edge- the safer and faster browser for Windows 10”

The pop message showed the option of opening the Microsoft Edge or install the third party web browser.

The latest pop-up suggests that Microsoft was warning its users to avoid installing the browsers of its rival companies and was trying to act smart in monopolizing the business.

As soon as the users started to lash out the OS giant on this issue via various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, Microsoft chose to make a U-turn and removed the pop-message from the build which interrupted the installation of browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox.

In a statement issued recently, Microsoft said that the warning message was only being popped at testers and has been removed from the Insider Preview Build 17760 of Windows 10. It also added in the statement that its consumers now have full choice to control the installation of 3rd party browsers and apps on their devices.

However, there’s no guaranty that the practice of banning other company apps or services by Microsoft will never repeat in future.

In fact, if all technology giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft start playing such tricks to monopolize their stance in the market, then users will probably be left with only one option of using only the said company devices to access their respective services.

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Note- As per the information provided by Statcounter, Google Chrome occupies a 67.63% of market share when it comes to web browsers usage on a global note. It is followed by Mozilla Firefox with 10.97% and then Internet Explorer with 7.02%. Apple Safari has a share of 5.13% followed by Microsoft Edge with 4.24% and Opera at 2.48%.

Naveen Goud
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