Worlds biggest Silicon Processor dedicated to Artificial Intelligence


Cerebras Systems has innovated a newly designed silicon wafer only dedicated to the technology of Artificial intelligence. Although the processor can also be used to other top end computing standards, the chip making company says that its new product is being targeted at highly conventional computing standards like AI.

Dubbed as Wafer Scale Engine(WSE) Generation 2 Processor, the AI processor has over 1.2 trillion transistors built on 16nm process and can house over 400,326 cores in a silicon built area of 46,225 square millimeters.

WSE operates with a 19GB ultra high speed RAM and consumes 15kw power to support 9PBs of memory bandwidth.

The 2016 Los Altos based Cerebras Systems has also released Wafer Scale Engine 2 processor that is most powerful silicon wafer on the planet. It has been built with 2.6 trillion transistors and has a mind bogging 850,000 cores furnished on a 7nm process.

Cerebras Systems says that the powerful processor WSE will be specially housed in a system that delivers consistent power and has an advanced cooling system. As these systems are known to use power in high amounts, the usage of devices might be restricted to certain applications like big data analysis, AI development and other large scale computing applications like search engine operations.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that Cerebras is not the only company to deliver AI processors, but is surely the only company to deliver the worlds first and powerful silicon wafer to be used in Artificial Intelligence.

Note 1- Google is also into the development of powerful processors since 2016 and has so far developed related hardware and software for its own language translation apps.

Note 2- Huawei released an official statement in 2019 that its Kirin chips have the ability of Neural Processing and can help in calculating some complex matrix multiplications used in AI tasks.

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