You Can Join the (ISC)² Board of Directors

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BoardMeetingHave you ever considered joining the (ISC)² Board of Directors? Our all-member and all-volunteer Board of Directors give their time and expertise to help guide our association forward and lead us in our vision of Inspiring a Safe and Secure Cyber World.  

New this year, (ISC)² is hosting an open call for self-nominations for its available (ISC)² Board of Directors positions. All (ISC)² members in good standing and interested in serving are encouraged to submit their applications before June 12.  

This new process enables more (ISC)² members to step forward and volunteer for the Board by submitting their nomination. This is an unprecedented opportunity for members to share their passion, experiences and what they hope to contribute to the Board and future direction of the association.  

Board members serve the global (ISC)² membership and are responsible for the strategic direction, governance and oversight of the association, develop policies and procedures, grant certifications and enforce the (ISC)² Code of Ethics. Candidates with questions regarding the duties and responsibility of the (ISC)² Board of Directors can learn more at:  

To be considered for the open (ISC)² Board of Directors positions, self-nomination applications will need to include:  

  • personal background information  
  • your resume  
  • two letters of recommendation  
  • a completed questionnaire, including how you will provide direction and support of the organization’s strategic pillars as explored in the Annual Report 
  • a description of your previous service experiences with other organizations  

All board candidates must be willing to commit, and have sufficient time and employer support, to discharge the duties of board membership.   

Following this open call, the (ISC)² Board of Directors will review all eligible and completed applications during the nomination selection process. A final slate of candidates will be selected by the Board and presented to the membership for a vote during the 2022 (ISC)² Board of Directors Election [September 23 – October 7, 2022].  

Get to know your current (ISC)² Board of Directors, view the ByLaws and learn more about the Board Elections process.  

Don’t delay, all nominations must be completed and submitted by June 12 to be considered.  


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