AI demand accelerates NVIDIA market value to $1 trillion

NVIDIA’s market value is set to soar to an impressive $1 trillion by the end of this year, driven by the rising demand for processors in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology sector. With sales reaching a record-breaking $11 billion and a remarkable premarket trading value surge of 29% in recent months, NVIDIA owes its success […]

Microsoft and NVIDIA collaborate to build AI Supercomputer in the Cloud

Microsoft has announced that it is going to collaborate with GPU maker NVIDIA to build an Artificial Intelligence powered Supercomputer in the Azure cloud. An agreement was made on this note in September this year and information is out that the ‘Supercomp’ will be made with a stack of GPUs, networking hardware and AI software […]

NVIDIA offers Medical Computing Platform with Artificial Intelligence

NVIDIA has made it official that it is offering an AI computing medical platform that will help medical device hardware process information swiftly. Like image processing, genomics, and the development and deployment of smart sensors. NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX platform is the name and it will from now on provide medical grade reference architecture and […]

Ransomware attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) Denso, a Japan-based automotive component manufacturer, has released a press statement that it is looking into an incident where hackers might have accessed sensitive info from its company servers. Preliminary inquires made by the company based in Kariya say that a criminal group might have accessed classified information from its servers in Germany and […]

Ransomware attack on NVIDIA

NVIDIA, the silicon processor making company of North America, has issued a public statement that few of its servers were affected by a ransomware attack that has nothing to do with the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. As the business and the other commercial activities remain uninterrupted, NVIDIA has pressed a few of its […]

Nvidia acquisition of ARM may be Paused

In October 2020, US Processing Chip maker Nvidia revealed it is going to invest $40 billion in UK based SoftBank owned ARM to capture the surging market for semi conductors more precisely. ARM that is now owned by the Japanese Conglomerate announced in December 2020 that it is going to be part of the Nvidia […]

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